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How is Football in Brazil

Brazil is a very talented country. Brazil football team has won the world cup five times. Another special thing is that it’s the only team that has not missed this tournament even at once. This country has one of the best national teams that we all love to watch especially when it comes to the world cup championship.

It’s one of the best teams that has won the world cup on several occasions. What makes it also very interesting is that it has some of the best players playing for the top of the league clubs.

Some of these players include Neymar who plays for PSG, Fernandinho who plays for Man City, as well as Oscar just to name a few. It has produced some of the best players who are very popular due to their illustrious career. One of them is Ronaldinho. He was one of the best players of all time who was very talented.

Some of the clubs he has played for include Barcelona and Inter Milan. He’s dribbling tactics were so amazing that you couldn’t miss any of their game. He was also very fast when it came to handling the ball and making passes.

Another wonderful player we’ll live to remember is Ronaldo. He even worlds the European Golden Boot due to his playing prowess. He helped his team win the world cup. Some of the clubs he featured for include:


• Barcelona

• Real Madrid

• A.C Milan

Also Kaka is one of the best players of all time from Brazil. He has been referred as an elite playmaker especially when he was playing for Milan. Kaka was an attacking midfielder. He was lucky enough to win the Ballon d’Or, Champions League, as well as the FIFA World Cup.